The RSC Symposium 2011

The RSC Symposium 2011: Continuous Flow Chemistry

Comparison of Batch and Continuous Processes
Sergio Pissavini, Corning S.A.S., France

Azide Synthesis in Microstructured Flow Systems
Dr. Gregor Wille, Sigma-Aldrich, Switzerland

Chemical Synthesis and Efficient Scale-up in Flow Reactors
Paul Watts, Chemtrix, The Netherlands

Industrial Production Using Continuous Flow Technology – applications in the pharmaceutical sector
Peter McDonnell, Genzyme Ltd, UK

Multi-stage CSTRs: Shaken, not Stirred
Robert Ashe, AM Technology, UK

Continuous Processing: how do we make it succeed in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Andrew Rutter, GSK R&D, UK

Continuous Processing for Better Particles
Ian Laird, NiTech Solutions Ltd, UK

Oxycodone, a 100-year old Synthesis: Continuous Flow vs. Batch Process
Beat Weber, Siegfried AG, Switzerland

Growth of Continuous Flow Technologies in Pharma
Dominique Roberge, Lonza AG, Switzerland

Continuous Processes of Hazardous Reactions from Lab to Commercial Scale
Dr. Günter Weingärtner, Dottikon, Switzerland

Flow Chemistry – Modular, Flexible and Efficient Production in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Sigurd Buchholz, Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Germany

Manufacturing Concepts for Microreactors and Continuous Flow Chemistry
Dr. Dirk Kirschneck, Microinnova Engineering GmbH, Austria