Royal Society of Chemistry Symposium 2015: Right on Target

Publications of the RSC Symposia at Chemspec Europe from 2004 onwards
can be downloaded from our Symposium Archive


Day 1: Wednesday 24 June

Session 1 Chair: Bruce Lane
10:30 The Formulation Challenge of Designing Enhanced Biodelivery and Performance into Crop Protection Suspension Formulations Malcolm Faers, Bayer CropScience AG, Germany
11:00 Functionalization of Polyurea Microcapsules to Enhance Binding to the Leaf Surface Lorenzo Aulisa, Dow AgroSciences LLC, France
Session 2 Chair: Matthew Giles
12:00 Development of Microcapsules as Additives for Advanced Composites Isabel Martins, Devan Chemicals, Portugal
12:30 Core-Shell Microcapsules from Clay-stabilised Pickering Emulsions Jon Phipps, Imerys Minerals Ltd, UK
Session 3 Chair: David Karsa
13:30 Synthesis and characterization of theophylline and budesonide co-encapsulated PLA nanoparticles Mira Buhecha, University of Brighton, UK
14:00 Print-drying: mild processing conditions & high quality powders Joris Salari, TNO, The Netherlands
Session 4 Chair: Phillip Broadwith
15:00 Structured Liquid Surfactant Systems For Personal Cleansing Applications Matthew Giles, Innospec Ltd, UK
15:30 Improved Skin Delivery of Actives with Silicone Technologies Marc Eeman, Dow Corning Europe S.A., Belgium

Day 2: Thursday 25 June

Session 5 Chair: David Karsa
10:30 Encapsulation: perfumes and beyond, a moving target to aim at Antonio Quintieri and Denis O’sullivan, Procter & Gamble Co., Belgium
11:00 Encapsulation technologies for stabilisation of actives in consumer cleaning products  Melanie Hughes, Revolymer Ltd, U.K
11:30 Encapsulation by Membrane Emulsification Marijana Dragosavac, Loughborough University, UK
Session 6 Chair: Tom Porter
12:00 Improving Efficiency and Quality in Development of Coatings Using High Throughput Technologies Thomas Brinz, Bosch GmbH, Germany
12.30 Continuous Flow Technology as a Tool for Process Intensification of Formulation Processes Dirk Kirschneck, Microinnova Engineering GmbH, Austria