The RSC Symposium 2017

The RSC Symposium 2017

Improving Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry Through the Implementation of Continuous Processing
Sarah Hunter, GSK, UK

Continuous Flow Reactors: Applications of Discovery, Process Development and Material Production
Charlotte Wiles, Chemtrix, The Netherlands

Process Intensification for Chemical Manufacturing Using Continuous Flow Processing
Christian Hornung, CSIRO, Australia

Continuous Filtration Washing and Drying – Addressing a Critical Gap in Developing Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes
Chris Price, EPSRC, University of Strathclyde, UK

Continuous Efficient Multistage Extraction
Andrea Adamo, Zaiput Flow Technologies, USA

Functionalized Silicas Enabling Flow Chemistry Applications for the Development of Fine and Speciality Chemicals
Eric Beausoleil, SiliCycle, Canada

3D-printed Metal Flow Reactors and Mixers
André de Vries, Innosyn, The Netherlands

Continuous Manufacturing: Process Intensification Strategies in Synthesis, Workup and Formulation with a Special Focus on Solids
Dirk Kirschneck, Microinnova Engineering, Austria

Enzyme Immobilization as an Enabler for Biocatalysis in Flow
Karim Engelmark Cassimjee, EnginZyme, Sweden 

Roadmap to Scale-up Success: From Bench to Market
Zoel Codolà, Medichem, Spain

Advanced-Flow Reactors: Made for Industrial Productions
Alessandra Vizza, Marc Winter, Corning, France

Utrasonically-Assisted Catalysis Processes in Continuous Flow
Kathrin Hielscher, Hielscher Ultrasonics, Germany

Growth from David to Goliath: Millireactor for Multi-Ton Production Application  
Andrea Henseler, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS, Germany

A New Step Forward for Continuous Flow Processing
Massimo Bertoldi, La Mesta, France    

Optimisation of Industrial Crystallisation Processes – Case Studies from the CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub
Thomas McGlone, CMAC, University of Strathclyde, UK

High Performance Fixed Bed Flow Hydrogenation: Expanding the Commercial Manufacturing Envelope
Oliver Tames, IntensiChem, UK

Success Stories and Trends of Flow Chemistry at Industrial Scale      
Laurent Pichon, MEPI, France