The RSC Symposium 2004

The RSC Symposium 2004: Scale Up – Challenges and New Technologies

Process Requirements for the Development of Asymmetric Hydrogenation Reactions From the Bench to Kilogram Scale
Ian Lennon, Dowpharma, UK

Use of (Second Generation) Dutch Resolution for Large Scale Production of Enantiopure Compounds
José W. Nieuwenhuijzen, Syncom B.V., The Netherlands

Polyurea Microencapsulated Palladium Catalysts
Dr. David Pears, Avecia Ltd., UK

Crystallization Control using Power Ultrasound – Process Development and Scale-up
Dr. Graham Ruecroft, Accentus plc, UK

The Evolution of Microwave Technology for Synthetic Chemistry
Chris Mason, CEM Microwave Technology Ltd., UK

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing and Applications Specialists in Supercritical Fluid Technology
Russell Clarke, Thomas Swan & Co Ltd., UK

SEQUENCE’ – The Steps to Successful Scale-Up
Ian Trelfa, Ian Shott Development Ltd., UK

Tales of the Unexpected
Dr. Stewart Mitchell, Rhodia Pharma Solutions, USA

A Transfer of Technology and Knowledge
Dr. Kenneth Wilson, Abbott Laboratories, USA

Better Concepts lead to Win-Win for Toll Manufacturing
Bruno Reyntjens, Proviron, Belgium