The RSC Symposium 2013

The RSC Symposium 2013: Practical Continuous Flow Technology

The “Factory of Tomorrow” for Flow Processes and MicroReactors
Dominique Roberge, Lonza, Switzerland

Sustainable Manufacture of Fine Chemicals by Flow Processes
Dr. Peter Poechlauer, DSM Pharma Chemicals, Austria

Continuous Processes – Sustainable Manufacturing
Jörg Schrickel, CABB AG, Switzerland

Chemical Understanding: The Key to Continuous Processing
Mark Bratt, Intensichem, UK

The Amazing Journey of a molecule
Antonio Quintieri and Denis O’Sullivan, P&G Company, Belgium

From Laboratory to Production: a seamless Scale-up
Alessandra Vizza, Corning Reactor Technologies, France

Flow Reactor Technology – A Flexible Tool for Reaction Optimisation and Chemical Production
Dr. Charlotte Wiles, Chemtrix BV, UK

Development of Continuous Crystallisations in an Oscillatory Baffled Crystalliser
Alastair Florence, Strathclyde University, UK

Intensified Pumps for Intensified Processes
Dr. Carsten Damerau, HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH, Germany

Innovations in Mass Flow Meters Boosting Process Efficiency in Batch & Continuous Operation
Sonal Gilani, Emerson Process Management, The Netherlands