The RSC Symposium 2012

The RSC Symposium 2012:
Not Costing the Earth – Profit from Green & Sustainable Chemistry

Green Chemistry And Sustainability
James Clark, York University, UK

Biomass Based Refinery at Borregaard: Past. Present and Future
Klaus Neumann, Borregaard, Norway

Developing Sustainable Technologies
Dr. Damian Kelly, Croda, UK

The ECO-nomics behind biobased chemical: “Harvesting the sun”
Gerald van Engelen, Cosun Biobased Products, The Netherlands

The changing face of the planet: The role of Bio-based Plastics on global land use change
Dr. Adrian Higson, NNFC – The Bioeconomy Consultants, UK

Sustainable Production of Advanced Intermediates and API’s Using Bio- and Homogeneous Catalysis
André de Vries, DSM Innovative Synthesis BV, The Netherlands

Biocatalysis: The Way Out of Resource Dissipation and Environmental Pollution
Pascal Dünkelmann, evocatal GmbH, Germany

Enablers of the successful scale up of industrial biotechnology processes
Manjusha Thorpe, Cambridge University, UK

New Business through Resource Efficiency
Mike Pitts, Chemistry Innovation Ltd, Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

Not costing the Earth… but regenerating its natural capital
Ignasi Cubiña, Eco Intelligent Growth, Spain

Sustainable Solvents: Products and Process Innovations
Thierry Vidal, Rhodia Recherches et Technologies SAS, France

Green Applications of Acetal Solvents
Dr. Todd Coleman, FutureFuel Chemical Company, USA