The RSC Symposium 2006

The RSC Symposium 2006: Elements of Success – P, Si, F & N

Design Synthesis and Application of Water Soluble Phosphorus Containing Polymers
Gary Woodward, Rhodia Inc, USA

Phosphorous Ligands in Homogenous Catalysis
Dr. William Hems, Johnson Matthey, UK

Phosphorus Flame Retardants for Textiles
Robert Hicklin, Rhodia Novecare , UK

Why outsource when you can in-source for greater value?
Rich Sibbick, Dow Corning Ltd, UK

Nano-Scale Engineering of Silica
Dr. Nirmalya Maity, Cabot Corporation, USA

Organofunctional Siloxanes: The Best of Both Worlds
Dr. Avril Surgenor, Dow Corning Ltd, UK

Hexafluoroxylenes: Fluorine Chemistry and Beyond
Andrea Missio, Miteni, Italy

Fluorine in the Future
Professor Jonathan Percy , University of Leicester, UK

From Trifluoroacetic acid to triflic derivatives : RHODIA’s ‘Fluorination tree’
Francois Metz , Rhodia, France

New fluorinated materials – ionic liquids, conducting Salts, cationic dyes and strong acids
Dr. Nikolai Ignatiev , Merck KGaA, Germany

“Taming Nitrogen” Industrialization of Diazomethane – The Application of Flow Technology towards Hazardous Chemistry
Dr. Lee Proctor, Phoenix Chemicals Ltd, UK

Ionic Liquids – New Solvents for Material Processing
Dr. Katy McKenzie, Scionix Ltd, UK

Elements of Success “Inserting the Nitrogen”
Dr. Malcolm Braithwaite , exchem organics, UK