The RSC Symposium 2010

The RSC Symposium 2010: Elements of Success: F, S, B & Li

Efficient Synthesis of Fluorinated Intermediates for the Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Michael Quirmbach, Solvias AG, Switzerland

Access to Poly-Fluorinated Building Blocks via ElectroChemical Fluorination
Andrea Missio and Maurizio Bertola, Miteni SpA, Italy

Innovative Fluoration Methods & New Fluorinated Building Blocks For Life Science
Andreas Stolle, Saltigo GmbH , Germany

Sulfur – eSSential for Life
Gert De Coster, Sumitomo Chemical Europe representing Sumitomo Seika, Belgium

Sulfur Trioxide Amine Complexes: Versatile Reagents in Organic Synthesis
Jörg Schrickel, CABB AG, Switzerland

Success with Sulfur-based Compounds and Reactions
Thomas Wirth, Cardiff University, UK

Sulfur Chlorides and Derivatives – Technical and Commercial Success Factors
Bernd Dill, Transpek Industry (Europe) Ltd., UK

Lithium and Boron – Two Elements of Success in High-Performance Fine Chemicals Production
Sven Schroeter, Archimica GmbH, Germany

Tools for Organic Synthesis
Jens Carsten Roder, Chemetall GmbH, Germany

Cryogenic Lithiation Reactions for the Production of Starting Materials for Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions
Adriano Indolese, Rohner AG, Switzerland

Lithiation from Lab to Commercial Scale – in the Field of Hazardous Chesmistry.
Urs Brändli, Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG, Switzerland

Boronic Acids Manufacture at Industrial Scale
Dominique Delbrayelle, Minakem, France