The RSC Symposium 2008

The RSC Symposium 2008: the Sustainability Challenge

How to Identify and Evaluate Sustainable Materials for the Chemical Industry
Peter Saling, BASF, Germany

Opportunities for the Production of Fine and Specialty Chemicals from Renewables
Pierre Gallezot, CNRS, France

Surfactants Based on Renewable Resources for Personal Care and Home Care
Ansgar Behler, Cognis, Germany

A Comprehensive Framework for the Environmental Assessments of Solvents
Konrad Hungerbuhler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Ionic Liquids: Potential in Specialty Chemicals
Neil Winterton, Liverpool University, UK

Continuous Crystallization using oscillatory baffled plug flow crystalliser
Xiong-Wei Ni, NiTech Solutions Ltd, UK

Sustainable Manufacturing – Profit from the Future
Malcolm P Wilkinson, Sustinium, UK

Green Chemistry at Pfizer
James Long, Pfizer, UK

Lessons learned through measuring Green Chemistry performance – The Pharmaceutical Experience
Richard Henderson, GlaxoSmithKline, UK

Recycling Precious Metals Using Functionalised Silica Scavengers and Catalysts
David Astles, Phosphonics ltd, UK

Evolving Enzymes for Highly Efficient Chemical Processes
Pascal Duenkelmann, Julich Chiral Solutions GmbH, Germany

Detoxifying Waste Water through Immobilized Laccase Based Bioremediation
Rob Onderwater, Wetlands Engineering, SPRL, Belgium

Novel In-Situ Product Removal Methods
Dr. Jean-Marie Bassett & Dr. Mark Roelands, TNO Science & Industry, The Netherlands