The RSC Symposium 2016

The RSC Symposium 2016

Living Circular: Transforming Circular Thinking into Sustainable Business Models
Forbes McDougall, Veolia, UK

Continuous Flow Reactors: An Opportunity for the Development of Flexible and Sustainable Production Processes
Charlotte Wiles, Chemtrix, The Netherlands

Asymmetric Hydrogenation: A Sustainable Technology for Pharmaceutical Manufacture  
Ian Lennon, Chiral Quest, UK

Process Intensification: A Prerequisite for Success in Custom Manufacturing  
Guido Giffels and Christoph Schaffrath, Saltigo, Germany

How to Reduce Waste and Recover More Precious Metals Using the Smartest Silica Technology    
Sophie Purser, PhosphonicS, UK

Sulfonation Chemistry – More Sustainable Approaches  
Jörg Schrickel, CABB, Switzerland

Process Intensification of Industrial Biocatalysis – how to Scale Up without Huge Reactor Volumes  
Gareth Jenkins, AM Technology, UK

The Future of Chemistry: Continuous Flow Reactions    
Massimo Bertoldi, La Mesta Chimie Fine, France

PYRROC as an Alternative to Copper Catalysts in Strain Promoted Azide-alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions          
Corinna Gröst, OSC OrganoSpezialChemie, Germany 

Functional Materials from Cellulose: Tissue Scaffolds, Formulation Ingredients and Printed Materials  
Janet Scott, University of Bath, UK

Novel Catalytic Systems for Selective Transesterification Reactions 
Koen Van Aken, EcoSynth, Belgium

What Does a Truly Eco-friendly Product Look Like? You Might be Surprised!  
Denis O’Sullivan and Antonio Quintieri, Procter & Gamble, Belgium

Solvent Selection for Sustainable Chemical Development    
Paul Murray, Paul Murray Catalysis Consulting, UK

Sustainability in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry from a Small & Medium-sized Enterprise’s (SME)’s Perspective 
Simon Grant, Thomas Swan & Co Ltd, UK    

Biocatalysis – Gene to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)  
Tom Moody, Almac, UK

Modern Catalysis in Fine Chemical Transformations   
Paolo Braiuca, Johnson Matthey – Fine Chemicals, UK

Continuous Flow Technology as an Attractive Approach to Move Towards the ‘Factory of Tomorrow’                
Anne Kaaden, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS , German