The RSC Symposium 2009

The RSC Symposium 2009: Catalysts for Change

BASF NanoSelect™ Catalyst Manufacturing Technology Innovative Lead-Free Replacements for Lindlar Catalysts
Hans Donkervoort, BASF Nederlands B.V. Catalysts, The Netherlands

Enabling Catalysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry with High Throughput Screening
Garett Hoge, Solvias AG, Switzerland

From High-Throughput Experimentation (HTE) to High Output Experimentation
Laurent Baumes, University of Valencia, Spain

Beyond Palladium – The New Iron Age
Robin Bedford, Bristol University, UK

Some Illustrations of the Paramount Importance of Catalysis for Rhodia’s Sustainable Development
Philippe Marion, Rhodia, France

Going with the Flow – the evolution from batch to continuous hydrogenation

Organocatalysis – A New Tool for Industry
Karl Anker Jørgensen, Aarhus University , Denmark

Enzyme Catalysis – Easy and Efficient
Pascal Duenkelmann, Julich Chiral Solutions GmbH, Germany

Immobilised bulk enzymes for chiral intermediates and chiral API production
Rob Schoevaart, ChiralVision, The Netherlands

Encapsulated Catalysts: Easier, Faster, Cleaner Process Chemistry
Angus Stewart-Liddon, Reaxa Ltd., UK

Catalysis within DSM: Enabling, Improving, and Changing Chemicals Manufacture
Paul Alsters, DSM Pharmaceutical Products, The Netherlands